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With our advanced MaxCell patent process, we ensure the preservation of more stem cells than any other company can offer. Additionally, when you choose Stemcyte, you'll receive unique benefits, including Public Bank Access and our exclusive LifeSaver Guarantee, which is an offering unavailable elsewhere.

Gay Pride

For Surrogacy

It's not about Saving blood it's about saving lives

You won't encounter any concealed charges; your final cost covers all processing, shipping, and storage expenses. We offer a range of storage choices and flexible payment plans to suit your requirements. What's even better, your initial payment isn't required until after your baby arrives.
Please call 1.626.646.2518 to inquire ! ☎
or fill out the form here and we'll contact you!


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Opt for the exclusive bundle savings when you decide to preserve both cord blood + cord tissue newborn stem cells, or choose to preserve cord blood on its own.

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